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Dirak's new Compression Latches with Wing Knob or Round Knob Stainless Steel Dirak has developed multiple variations of their new hand-operable stainless steel compression latches. The sturdy, corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel and ease of operation allow for flexible use in many applications, even when space is tight. Secure latching has never been quicker or easier.
Dirak's new M 1-103 door contact is easily installed and can be retrofitted on a current door for a more secure latch.  Unlike many mechatronic latches that solely indicate cam position, DIRAK'S door contact goes a step further by also delivering real-time status updates on door closure status. The status updates can be accessed remotely through a security management system. MLA door contact is designed for easy retrofitting onto existing latching mechanisms.
REELL's SJ300 Ball Joint Hinge now has a Hidden Mounting option. Reell Precision Manufacturing, a world leader in small package motion control, has enhanced their popular SJ300 Ball Joint Hinge to include a Hidden Mounting option. The new mounting option provides a smooth external appearance. It also increases security by removing access to the mounting hardware.
REELL'S MOST POWERFUL SPHERICAL JOINT IS IDEAL FOR LARGER POSITIONING APPLICATIONS The SJ500 is Reell's largest spherical joint hinge.  It is available with torques from 4.0 - 8.0 N-m, making it ideal for positioning today's larger monitors and display devices, as well as industrial applications and many other components requiring precise multi-dimension position control in the industrial, medical, office, and consumer electronics marketplace..