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APEM's XS series low profile joystick is a two axis Hall effect joystick featuring a reduced panel height to provide precise fingertip control.  The low profile joystick reduces the risk of accidental operation or impact. It is easily integrated into remote controls. With the reduced height the joystick is easily integrated into small spaces.
Reell's durable lightweight torque insert is ideal for automotive interiors, industrial enclosures, monitor mounts, mobile device docks and much more. The TI-130 molded nylon torque insert provides higher torque in a smaller package size for applications where space is at a premium, without compromising on Reell's performance.


MicroPEM® ClampDisk® fastener created by Penn Engineering.  The ClampDisk® is a removable fastener intended to replace screws, adhesive, rivets, and other small fasteners.