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DIRAK is introducing their "The 3-166 90° Redirect FS";  a corner reduction redirect for flat rods  used inside cabinets.  This easy screw-on installation creates a strong fastening to the locking pin. A sleeve nut is included with delivery. This component is often used with electrical and telecommunications cabinets as well as enclosure designs.
ITG ELECTRONIC'S has improved on their EMI filters ITG Electronic's F2780Y001L-02X Series offers enhanced performance over a lower frequency spectrum in their Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Filters. In addition, an input-side keystone jack helps make them easier to install and integrate.
APEM'S new Capacitiv Switch allows more customization based on the switch location and illumination needed. Harsh weather conditions do not disrupt operation with these new Capacitiv switches with the endless possibilities provided by electronics for the control and illumination scenarios.