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APEM'S new Capacitiv Switch allows more customization based on the switch location and illumination needed. Harsh weather conditions do not disrupt operation with these new Capacitiv switches with the endless possibilities provided by electronics for the control and illumination scenarios.
ITG Electronics announces their new Multi-line Low-voltage Dataline Filters for MRI and Shielded Rooms. Enhanced single-line and new triple- and quadruple-line filters expand clean data transmission options, reduce wall penetrations, and improve mounting security and terminal block connectivity.
APEM's BF / BD Series Paddles are the very latest generation in high precision contactless controls. It combines the features of a contactless single axis joystick and a switch, in one controller. The all new design with its innovative mechanism and ergonomic styling is specifically designed for robustness, strength and performance.
Cultraro® was mentioned in Automotive News' article as one of the suppliers of the latest Ford Explorer. The Ford Explorer, now in its sixth generation, is a spacious and functional three-row SUV, suitable for large families - but not only - thanks to its brilliant performance. The cargo space is ample, the car has all-round comfort and the spacious front row has many advantages - details that have made it not only functional but also detailed.