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Worldwide Fastener Sources has awarded PennEngineering their inaugural award for Fastener Innovation Award for its excellence in new product development in 2019. Penn's continuous improvement with innovative solutions for fastening made them a standout for this award. A driving force for the award was that PennEngineering's fasteners be innovative in assemblies today and that they will become tomorrow’s standard applications. “There are thousands of types of fasteners,” McGuire says. “We want to recognize companies that are innovating fastening throughout numerous applications and industries globally.”
APEM releases a new mini, fully sealed rocker switch. It was designed for comfort and effortless forward/reverse control, plus what every design engineer dreams of ... easy integration. This new rocker switch is user friendly with comfortability and high sealing level for applications in harsh environments. Contact us if you would like to see this rocker switch in person!
  IEA acquired an Aluminum Braze Furnace.  With the purchase of this furnace, IEA is able to shorten the lead-times, increase rapid prototyping and protect their customers against international tariffs and economic disruptions abroad.  This will optimize the supply chain to allow for better and faster customer service.