Dirak’s new M 1-103 door contact is easily installed and can be retrofitted on a current door for a more secure latch. 

Unlike many mechatronic latches that solely indicate cam position, DIRAK’S door contact goes a step further by also delivering real-time status updates on door closure status. The status updates can be accessed remotely through a security management system.

MLA door contact is designed for easy retrofitting onto existing latching mechanisms.


    • Locking status can be evaluated.
    • Security optimization.
    • Vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373.
    • Tool-less installation.
    • Matching cams as of 35 mm, product system 1-102 and 7-105.
    • No abrasion of the metal and therefore safety concerning electronic built-in components.
    • Good gliding properties, therefore low friction coefficient.
    • The assembly will be carried out with the already installed quarter-turn, it is possible to retrofit at any time.
    • The sliding ramp is attached to the frame by a prefabricated adhesive foil. (8.)

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