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CW 22mm Flush Mount Switches

Since the Covid 19 pandemic, the need for contact-free operation and control has increased. To meet this growing need, APEM offers a contactless version of the CW series switch developed by IDEC. This touchless (no-touch) switch series, moving your hand is now enough to activate a function or a machine. This reduces the risk of contamination where strict hygienic conditions are required.
No matter your type of mount your project needs, i.e. surface mount or broaching, PEM has the best mount for your project. Reduce Scrap, Handling, and Risk of PC Board Damage Optimum product performance comes from the secure attachment of your electronic components. PEM® offers a comprehensive line of fastening solutions for use with PC boards to satisfy component-to-board, board-to-board, and board-to-chassis attachment needs.