No matter your type of mount your project needs, i.e. surface mount or broaching, PEM has the best mount for your project.

Reduce Scrap, Handling, and Risk of PC Board Damage Optimum product performance comes from the secure attachment of your electronic components. PEM® offers a comprehensive line of fastening solutions for use with PC boards to satisfy component-to-board, board-to-board, and board-to-chassis attachment needs.

ReelFast® Surface Mount Fasteners  

PEM® surface mount technology (SMT) fasteners  mount on PC boards and use the same soldering  processes as the board’s other electronic components.  

  • Eliminates common productivity and damage  issues caused by loose fastening hardware and  broaching fasteners 
  • Supplied in tape-and-reel packaging  for easy pick-and-place assembly 
  • Excellent pullout and torque-out forces 


Broaching Fasteners  

Broaching fasteners offer a practical alternative to loose hardware. This fastener is a knurled-shank fastening device that can be pressed into a hole to provide a permanent, strong, threaded or unthreaded attachment point in PC  boards.  

  • Specially formed axial grooves around the fastener shank “broach” or cut into the material, creating a firm interference-type fit, resistance to rotation.


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