RT-50 Position Hinge Delivers Constant Torque And Precise Control

The new RT-50 position hinge from Reell Precision Manufacturing incorporates unique engineering in a compact design to hold the angle of mounted components reliably in any position in especially small assemblies.  The hinge’s scaled-down 5mm size and constant torque capabilities (1.0 lb-in to 3.0 lb-in / 0.11 N-m to 0.33 N-m) ideally suit demanding applications with limited footprints in consumer electronics, mobile devices, small appliances, and others across industries where precise position control for components is necessary and critical.

As a value-added option for appropriate applications, a dual-ended mounting configuration enables a single hinge to be used in place of two.  This ultimately can help reduce the amount of hardware and weight in an assembly and promote quicker production with fewer parts to handle and install.

As with the entire RT Series of Reell friction position hinges, this smallest addition to the versatile product line features patented ReellTorq® clip technology ensuring a premium quality feel and smooth position control over an unmatched fully qualified service life of 50,000 cycles.  Constant torque with minimal freeplay is delivered throughout the hinge’s full 360º range of motion.

Hinge shaft-end attachment styles include flag, straight, and exposed knurled shaft (all available with the dual-ended mounting option).  The hinge’s symmetric design eliminates any need to specify and install separate left-side or right-side versions.  Durable zinc die-cast housings and bushings combined with hardened steel shaft and torque elements contribute to hinge longevity.