Reell’s durable lightweight torque insert is ideal for automotive interiors, industrial enclosures, monitor mounts, mobile device docks and much more.

The TI-130 molded nylon torque insert provides higher torque in a smaller package size for applications where space is at a premium, without compromising on Reell’s performance.

Reell’s TI-130 attributes:

  • Strong and lightweight housing
  • Precise and consistent torque
  • Life of 25,000 cycles
  • Smoothest operating feel on the market
  • Higher torque in a smaller package

The TI-130 features a more compact design than existing solutions in its torque range, allowing engineers to reduce the size of their design, while still maintaining Reell’s premium feel motion and solid¬† positioning. It is available with torques from 1.0 to 2.0 N-m.¬† Applications include enclosure doors, covers, monitors, hatches, and many other components requiring reliable position control and easy adjustability in the industrial, medical, office, and consumer electronics markets.

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