APEM releases an added feature with the NC/NO function, the Multimecâ„¢ 5 series switch becomes multifunctional. A single switch gives the opportunity for 3 electric configurations: NC, NO and NC/NO. This allows optimization of design as well as purchasing.

One of the main benefits of using a switch with a NC function is added safety. The NC switch does not need to create a good contact to signal something, it just needs to break the circuit. This is a very easy and robust solution, and therefore very safe.

Another benefit is quicker reaction time. For a NO switch, the signal comes at the end of a movement when the movable contact makes contact. For the NC switch, the signal happens at the beginning of the movement when the movable contact stops making contact. Therefore, in safety critical applications a NC contact is recommended.

The switch also has an active circuit that when not activated, adds the benefit of giving constant feedback to the system, telling the switch that it is still operational and able to function when required.

Finally, a switch with NC/NO contacts can be used for switchover functionality in applications where one input and 2 output options are needed.

Dome based NC/NO functions are rare in the market. MEC has developed it as an unplanned spin-off from the Ultramec development.