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PEMSERT® self-clinching flush nuts from PennEngineering® ideally suit attachment applications where a thin metal sheet requires load-bearing threads stronger than tapped holes but must remain flat without any protrusions on either side of the sheet. They can be installed before sheet bending and forming to provide threads for mating hardware in sections that otherwise would be inaccessible for fastener installation after chassis are formed. Their uniquely designed hexagonal head and clinch technology ensures high axial and torsional strength in service. Ultimately, the nuts install permanently, will never loosen or fall out, and leave surfaces unmarred to enhance the functional and cosmetic qualities of assemblies.
Installation without tools from the front or from behind: The new cage nut for ease of use. We develop pioneering fitting components for your applications in industrial enclosures. In doing so, every day we focus on precise constructions that meet your requirements as to design, function and material. 
Adjusts Easily in Multiple Directions and Holds Reliably Where Positioned The new SJ300 Spherical Joint multi-axis position hinge from Reell Precision Manufacturing introduces patented SphericalTorq™ clip technology enabling easy adjustment in multiple directions and achieving constant holding force at any angled position. The SJ300 outmaneuvers conventional position hinges with its capabilities to swivel from side to side with a 60º range of motion, tilt back and forth with a 60º range of motion, and rotate with a full 360º range of motion.  Wherever positioned, the hinge remains reliably in place.