Insul-Fab Custom Solutions

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Medical Equipment Components by Insul-Fab

The Challenge

Design Engineers at a medical equipment manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest were searching for a solution to provide spacing above an LED, so that the diffuser lens and the LED did not come into direct contact. The spacer also needed to isolate the LED from incidental light leakage.

The Solution

Insul-Fab’s experience in material selection and adhesive lamination guided the engineering team to a cellular foam solution incorporating Rogers PORON® Polyurethane for its low deflection force, excellent vibration damping, and low compression set.  The 3M pressure sensitive adhesive was carefully chosen to bond well to the PORON® foam while allowing the spacer to adhere to the board surrounding each LED. What’s more, Insul-Fab was able to successfully kiss-cut the extremely small parts on a common liner, allowing easy removal and application during the LED production process.

Keys to Success

  • Access to Rogers Corporation materials as a Preferred Converter
  • Ability to conduct trial runs with rapid prototypes
  • Ability to meet Customer’s strict New Vendor Guidelines for Quality System and Financial Stability
  • RoHS and REACH Compliance

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