ITG Electronics announces their new Multi-line Low-voltage Dataline Filters for MRI and Shielded Rooms.

Enhanced single-line and new triple- and quadruple-line filters expand clean data transmission options, reduce wall penetrations, and improve mounting security and terminal block connectivity.

ITG Electronics, a leading manufacturer of inductors, transformers and EMI Filters since 1963, has enhanced and expanded its series of data-line filters for MRI rooms and other shielded areas. Not only are filters for triple and quadruple lines now available, but the original single-line filter has been redesigned for more secure mounting and simpler connection to terminal blocks.

The new filters’ calling cards are ease and efficiency, as just one unit – with a single wall penetration – provides up to four channels of clean data transfer into and out of shielded rooms.  The increase in channels, as well as easier mounting and terminal block connection, yields expedient, space-saving installation with fewer room penetrations and faster overall set up.  In addition to data-lines, the new F2779Y002L Series filters can be used for other low power applications, including digital fire alarms and LED lighting.

Check out the wide variety of components from “Interface Technologies” article highlights the F2779Y002L Series by ITG Electronics. Our experienced Sales Engineers at Blair Engineering Southeast can enhance your design with low voltage, multi-line and interference-free data transmission inductors, transmitters and filters.

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