Flat Wire Inductors that can pass through greater amounts of energy.

ITG Electronics has just released a new Inductor with a greater capacity. It is a Flat wire based Non-Coupling Dual Inductor.

ITG ELECTRONICS L101353A Series of ferrite-based flat wire inductors range from 1.0-10.0uH. Devices are designed for power conversion applications with current ratings from 14-170Amp at 25C and 20% inductance drop. Component has a low dc resistance (DCR) of 1.06mOhm, and IRMS up to 50Amp. The box-style surface mount device (SMD) provides lower core loss and high current output – suitable for settings involving high density and limited board space. Device delivers low profile at a maximum height of 24mm, and a footprint of 24.5 x 26mm.


Technical Features of L101353A Series :

• Ferrite based SMD Non-coupling dual inductor with lower core loss.
• Inductance Range: 1.0uH to 10.0uH, Custom values are welcomed.
• High current output chokes, up to 170.0 Amp with approx. 20% roll off.
• Low Profile 24.00 mm Max. height .
• Foot Print 26.00 x 24.50 mm .
• Perfect for high density designs with limited board space.
• Operating frequency up to 5.0 MHz application.
• Operating Temperature Range -55 ℃ to + 130 ℃, RoHs & HF compliance .
• Tray Qtys: 20pcs/Tray.

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