Dirak created a low profile quarter-turn fastener that looks good and works well.  They modernized their quarter-turns/cam locks to an updated look. The low-profile design also prevents the build up of dirt and debris!

DIRAK’s latest innovation in modernizing the traditional quarter-turn fasteners…the Quarter-Turn Polyamide Fastener.

  • The main difference in the updated version of Quarter-Turn 1-095 is the new rounded head shape.
  • In addition to the improved, modern appearance, the new Quarter-Turn housing is less sensitive to accumulations of dirt and water.
  • As always, the 1-095.01 Quarter-Turn fits Dirak’s modular system and can easily integrate a wide variety of inserts, cams, and accessories to meet your specific application needs.
  • The Quarter-Turn can be screwed into the cutout with the pre-assembled cam.
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