The lever latch with compression 86 x 25 mm for fast and easy installation from outside with a wide range of inserts.

Dirak’s Compression Lever Latch 6-160 locking solution is stable, can withstand strong vibrations and allows the use of compressible seals. Since this component was created for demanding application areas such as machine and plant building, rail transportation or transport and logistics, as these are exposed to high loads.

The flat and flush handle plate with release button, actuation or cylinder barrel. can be easily installed from the front in places where space is limited. Doors, flaps, panels or drawers can be opened quickly and locked securely by activating the selected locking option.


  • Vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373
  • With compression
  • In closed position, the latch can not be removed
  • Screw with rubber bumper prevents scratching the door frame

Fast installation and comfortable:

  • Compression lever latch with pre-assembled fastening bracket for installation from the outside
  • Assembly of the fastening bracket from the inside is not necessary
  • Easy and flexible adjustment of the H-dimension from 3 to 46 mm
  • Flat handle plate


  • Compression lever latch: zinc die, black, powder coated
  • Clamp: steel, zinc plated
  • Insert: zinc die, black, powder coated

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