Are you facing a project you could use more help with than just the basic components?

APEM’s panel solution department can determine the best component for your project.

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The possibility of picking from nine different technologies:

  • Membrane
  • Membrane on PCB
  • Elastomer
  • MEC PCB Switch panel
  • Plastic capacitive
  • Metal keycap
  • Metal Piezo
  • Metal capacitive
  • Mil-Aero

The technologies can be used for sub-assemblies and we can even design and build a remote control or a complete HMI precisely to your needs.

APEM can provide you with the full-service including studies and testing, regardless of where in the world you are located. APEM controls all stages of production, and you can be sure that the solution will perform to mechanical, electrical, environmental and EMC/EMI standards. Their internal electronic teams manage the integration of communication protocols as well as protection filters and power supplies.

Contact Blair Engineering Southeast to see the complete line of APEM joysticks, pushbuttons, indicators and switches.