90° Corner Reduction Redirect for Flat Rods from Dirak

DIRAK is introducing their “The 3-166 90° Redirect FS”;  a corner reduction redirect for flat rods  used inside cabinets. 

This easy screw-on installation creates a strong fastening to the locking pin. A sleeve nut is included with delivery. This component is often used with electrical and telecommunications cabinets as well as enclosure designs.

The 3-166 provides redirection for the flat rods around the inside of a cabinet or enclosure. Additionally, the flexibility that the flat rods create includes space for more latching points to be added at the top and bottom of an enclosure without adding excess actuation points.
The 3-166 90° Corner Redirect for Flat Rods boasts a low-profile design and can easily be integrated into your current cabinet and enclosure designs. Popular applications for the 3-166 are electrical and telecommunications cabinets and energy storage enclosures. With many more application and customization options, the 3-166 is a product you will want to add to your repertoire.
    • For muli-point locking system by corner.
    • Suitable for flat rods 14x3mm.
    • Quick assembly of the rods.
    • Right hand / Left hand applications

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