Compact, panel sealed, and fine design –all in one package

Last fall APEM launched a sealing for 10ZC, the center cap of Ultranavimec™. This allows you to design a complete control panel in matching design, specifications, and below panel height. Ultranavimec™ is a simple, aesthetic navigational solution for applications where space is limited, like handheld devices and handles.

The center cap from this Ultranavimec™ solution makes it possible to use independently when combined with the new 10ZCWY sealing. Designers can create a variety of complex input systems with this intuitive navigational device.

Features of the 10ZC:

  • Ultranavimec Ø22.0mm
  • 10ZC cap Ø9.58 mm
  • Total height 7.56mm
  • Below panel height 5.0mm
  • Sealed to IP67


  • Medical equipment
  • Outdoor stage equipment
  • Joysticks
  • Coffee machines
  • Broadcast equipment

This new solution from APEM is reliable with a long lifetime and sealing for harsh environments.

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