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The MLU1004 is a first-of-its-kind, intuitive lock for traffic control cabinets. With its drop-in replacement hardware and ability to lock and unlock with a traditional key or via a 3rd Party Access Control system that can send an unlocked signal, the MLU1004 is a modern solution to the traffic control and transportation enclosure industry.
DIRAK has a new MLA 1-103 Door Contact
The additional installation of the MLA door contact increases security by evaluating the locking status of the door.
Dirak recently rolled out the new DIRAK MLA 1-103 Door Contact! It's their latest leap in Access Hardware innovation, blending their pioneering approach with the precision you expect. This door contact is a game-changer for critical Infrastructure and Industrial Enclosures, designed with your security and ease of use in mind. A true reflection of our dedication to engineering excellence and exceeding your needs.
Dirak's new Compression Latches with Wing Knob or Round Knob Stainless Steel Dirak has developed multiple variations of their new hand-operable stainless steel compression latches. The sturdy, corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel and ease of operation allow for flexible use in many applications, even when space is tight. Secure latching has never been quicker or easier.
DIRAK is introducing their "The 3-166 90° Redirect FS";  a corner reduction redirect for flat rods  used inside cabinets.  This easy screw-on installation creates a strong fastening to the locking pin. A sleeve nut is included with delivery. This component is often used with electrical and telecommunications cabinets as well as enclosure designs.