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Introducing The Reell SJ300 Spherical Joint Hinge With Industry Standard ¼-20 Thread And AMPS Mounting Plate. The newest innovation from Reell . . . a multi-axis position control product that can be adjusted with one hand. The SJ300 Spherical Joint Hinge with AMPS Mounting Plate has industry standard ¼-20 threaded shaft end for easy installation.

NEW INFINITE WHEEL function for the HR Series.  Designed for comfort and precision at your fingertips.
  • Infinite wheels Hall effect technology provides a long lifecycle to a durable product.
  • Dedicated grip integration for joysticks front faceplate.
  • Field proven HR series with IP68 sealing, backlighting and easy integration.
  • New quadrature output terminal available.
Comfortable right handed operation for rugged environments. The XD series RT handle features optimum ergonomics because the right hand specific design utilizes a design allowing the user to easily reach all components with the sweep of a thumb.